Hi, I am an assistant professor at the Molengraaff Instituut of Private Law of Utrecht University and writing a PhD at Maastricht European Private Law Institute (MEPLI) of Maastricht University.

My research interests are: PropertyPrivacy & Data Protection, Internet of Things, Law and Technology, Fintech (including Blockchain) and Teaching Methods

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   Latest Publication

Journal Article/Case note:   A. Berlee, ‘Digital Inheritance in the Netherlands‘, Journal of European Consumer and Market Law (EuCML) 6/2017, pp. 256-260.
A. Berlee, ‘Volledige openbaarheid: het doel voorbij’, WPNR 2017/7169.

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   Latest Projects

  • PhD Research: Access to Personal Data in Public Land Registers
  • Speaker at the Blockchain Masterclass on ‘Legal aspects of the Blockchain’ at Nyenrode Business University (21 November 2017)
  • Speaker at the Juribus/Magister JFT Lustrumsymposium on ‘Privacy & Public Registers’ ‘(6 November 2017)
  • Editor Research Handbook on Data Science & Law (in progress)

The Interdisciplinary Internet Institute

I am one of the co-founders of the Interdisciplinary Internet Institute (the iii). We’re an international group of researchers who study the social, philosophical, legal and economic aspects of the internet.

 You can find my blogs for the iii here.

Tilburg Institute for Private Law (TIP)

I am a fellow of the Tilburg Institute for Private law. The research of the Institute of Private Law (TIP) focuses on private law relationships in the broadest sense, with an emphasis on the position of private law in society. My specific research focuses on how financial law and insolvency law can respond to questions arising in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

 You can find more about the research institute here.

Maastricht European Private Law Institute (MEPLI)

I am a fellow of the Maastricht European Private Law Institute (MEPLI). MEPLI also has a blog. I was also active on this blog, where I mostly wrote about property law.

 My blog posts for MEPLI can be found here.